Philosopher Susan Buck-Morss collaborates with Kevin McCaughey of Boot Boyz Biz and Adam Michaels of Inventory Press on this experimental image-text renewal of Benjamin, Berger, and McLuhan.

Seeing <―> Making: Room for Thought both studies and presents the creative process of constructing ideas with images. By activating the principle of montage, the book illuminates a wide field of view in 12 dialogic spaces for engaging new critical connections through exchanges between the past and present.

Realized through an intergenerational collaboration of three cultural producers committed to making theory visible, a transformative anthology of essays by Susan Buck-Morss anchors this kaleidoscopic project. Images and ideas sync with Buck-Morss’ perceptive texts on visual culture, history, politics, and aesthetics, fusing criticism with visual play and linking collective imagination and social action.

"This collaborative, cross-generational project began with a question: When the mash-up methods of new technologies meet the intimacy and comradeliness of the printed form, can the critical reflection of written philosophy be intensified?" -SBM

Building upon the methods and ways of seeing put forth by visual thinkers like Walter Benjamin and John Berger, designer Kevin McCaughey (Boot Boyz Biz), designer, editor, and publisher Adam Michaels (IN-FO.CO/Inventory Press), and renowned theorist Buck-Morss collectively assemble colliding material into new relation. What results is a (typo-) graphic articulation that thinks seriously about the stakes of ideation and reorients the space of the book in the service of a theory and philosophy that speaks the language of our image-based information age.

4.75" x 7.75, 400 Pages, softcover
ISBN 978-1-941753-53-8

Release 12/7/2023

SEEING MAKING flip-book gif.